I’m Isaac. I’ve been studying music pretty much since I was born.

My principal musical interests include:

  • Jewish musical traditions
    • Klezmer, of course
    • Middle Eastern Jewish music
    • Liturgical music “nusach”
    • Music for reading the Bible “trope”
  • Western tradition “classical” music
    • High Baroque era (up to the death of Bach)
    • Classical era (up to the death of Beethoven)
    • Early Romantic era (up until Wagner started ruining everything)
  • Late 60s experimental rock
    • The Beatles (favorite album “Revolver”)
    • The Who (favorite album “Tommy”)
    • The Jimi Hendrix Experience (favorite album “Axis: Bold as Love”)

If I were any character in Peanuts I would be Schroeder because I just want to be left alone with my piano and my Beethoven.
Favorite musical fact – the Morse code for the letter V is “dot dot dot dash”. This is the rhythmic pattern of the opening of Beethoven’s fifth symphony, and “V” is 5 in Roman numerals. Coincidence?